Publications list



Woolley, H., Armitage, M., Bishop, J., Curtis, B. and Ginsborg, J. (2005) Inclusion of Disabled Children in Primary School Playgrounds, National Children’s Bureau and Joseph Rowntree Foundation: London.

Woolley, H. (2003) Urban Open Spaces, Spon Press: London

Chapters and contributions in books


White, J. and Woolley, H. (in press) What makes a good outdoor environment for young children, in Maynard, T. and Waters, J. (eds) Exploring Outdoor Play in Early Years, Open University Press.

Woolley, H. (2010) Acting in the landscape: a week in the life of young people in outdoor spaces in Sheffield, in Tussen kind en samenleving: Over het sociale actorschap van kinderen (Children and Society: On children’s social agency) Festchrift for Jan van Gils: p: 51-62.

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Refereed Journal Articles


Woolley, H. (accepted) Decreasing experiences of home range, outdoor spaces, activities and companions: changes across three generations in Sheffield in northern England, Children’s Geographies

Woolley, H. and Kinoshita, I. (in press) Space, People, Interventions and Time (SPIT): A model for understanding children’s outdoor play in post disaster contexts based on a case study from the triple disaster area of Tohoku in north east Japan, Children and Society

Abdullah, A., Marzbali, M. H., Woolley, H. Azizi Bahauddin, A., and Tilaki, M. J. M. (2014) Territorial functioning and victimisation: conceptualisation

and scale development, Crime Law Soc Change. DOI 10.1007/s10611-013-9490-6

Aldrin Abdullah, A., Marzbali , M. H., Woolley, H., Bahauddin, A. and Maliki nor Z. (2013) Testing for Individual Factors for the Fear of Crime Using

a Multiple Indicator-Multiple Cause Model   European Journal of Criminal Policy Research DOI 10.1007/s10610-013-9208-4

Woolley, H. and Lowe, A. (2013) Exploring the relationship between play value and design approach of outdoor play spaces, Landscape Research, 38(1) 53-74.

Woolley, H. (2012) Now Being Social: the barrier of designing outdoor public play spaces for disabled children, Children and Society DOI:10.1111/j.1099-0860.2012.00464.x

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Amin, N and Woolley, H. (1995) Pakistani Children in Sheffield and their Perception and Use of Public Open Spaces in special ‘Communities for Children’ edition of Children’s Environments, 12 (4) 479-488.

Contract Research Reports


Eccles, C. and Woolley, H. (2011) Housing and Play, Research in Practice, Dartington.

Woolley, H. and Somerset-Ward, A. (2010) Living Green: Evidence to support the provision of green space around housing, Natural England.

Woolley, H., Pattacini, L. and Somerset Ward, A. (2009) Children and the Natural Environment: Experiences, influences and interventions, Natural England

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Swanwick, C., Dunnett, N. and Woolley, (2002) Improving Urban Parks, Play Areas and Green Spaces, London: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Other publications


Woolley, H. (2011) Providing for children’s outdoor play environments in England, Play Rights Special Edition (IPA) 50th Anniversary Edition: p 51-56.

Wood, N. J. and Woolley, H. (2010) Play Time, Rural Spirituality, p:11

Woolley, H. (2009)From Playgrounds to Playful Landscapes, Spaces and Places


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